Time and Material Application

Are you being directed to do additional work beyond your contract? Track it with this Time and Material application. Fill it out partially to track hours and material, or fill it out in it’s entirety to price up a change order and email it as a PDF.

Features Include:

- Email T&M Ticket as PDF File
- Email Proposal Letter (Change Order) as PDF File
- Saves T&M ticket for future reference
- Has Save As option to create similar T&M tickets
- Saves unit pricing for quick reference on future entries
- Includes breakdown of labor classifications (Superintendent, Foreman, Journeyman)
- Add labor classifications to suite your needs
- Has a signature screen for user to get authorization additional work

Fields to Fill In Include:

- Date
- Job #
- Job Name
- Customer Name
- Requested By Name
- Description of work
- Check box for Job Complete
- Overhead
- Profit
- Sales Tax
- Labor
- Material
- Miscellaneous
- Subcontractor
- Rental